A young woman gazing at the beautiful sea from the Jacuzzi, enjoying the SPA department at Panorama hotel.

Panorama Spa

In our wellness department, you can recharge your batteries in the sauna with a sea view or enjoy the beautiful nature of the coastal region in the outdoor hot tub. Just a 45-minute drive from Bergen, you can experience warmth and well-being - whether you're sitting inside or outside, in summer or winter. Here, you can sunbathe year-round in the indoor sunroom and exercise in our small fitness cube while enjoying the fjord landscape outside the window.

Teatments are reserved for our staying guests and are a weekend offering that must be booked in advance.

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In the sauna, it's not just the warmth to be enjoyed but an unbeatable view of the sea and fjord. The temperature is a comfortable 75-80 degrees. The sauna, with its interior, is specially designed to provide an optimal and enjoyable sauna experience, built in authentic Finnish style. The stove is strategically placed in the middle of the room for the feeling of sitting around a campfire.

Free for staying guests.

We have two large hot tubs with a fantastic view of the fjord. There is probably nothing better than sitting here and enjoying the sea view and warmth.

Free for staying guests.

There is good reason why we have chosen the sun as an element in our new wellness area. Close your eyes and feel the health-giving rays give you new energy and pleasant warmth.

The sunlight comes from special lamps that are completely harmless, no harmful UV rays. One hour should be equivalent to 20 minutes in natural sun. The sun gives a glow to the skin, but there is no need for sunscreen. It is not recommended to use sunglasses – the light has a positive effect.

Free for staying guests.

We dare to claim that this is the coolest location for a small gym in Western Norway. In a glass cube on the rooftop, you can exercise while enjoying the fantastic sea view.

Free for staying guests.