A woman getting a back massage at the Panorama SPA.

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SPA and Massage Treatments

Look forward to a pleasant wellness experience in relaxing surroundings! You will find our new SPA room in a quiet part of the hotel, close to the wellness area. After your massage, you can continue the wellness experience in the hot tub, sunbed, and sauna.

Massage treatments are reserved for our staying guests and are offered on weekends: Friday and Saturday, from 3 PM to 10 PM.

For bookings, contact us at [email protected] or call 56 31 90 00

Lively Seabreeze
25 minutes of classic massage. Relax and breathe out with a gentle shoulder/neck treatment or back massage.

Price: 849 NOK

Sea Dream
45 minutes of classic massage. Experience recreation for body and mind with a relaxing massage of the back, shoulders, and neck.
Price: 1295 NOK

SPA Panorama - Hot Springs
50 minutes of classic massage and heat treatment. Dream away with 'Hot Springs' that allow you to experience warmth, fill you with new energy, and prepare your body optimally to relax with the subsequent massage of the back, shoulders, and neck.
Price: 1495 NOK

Hearts in Harmony - Duo Treatment
50 minutes of classic massage with or without heat treatment. Share an unforgettable massage experience with someone you love! Enjoy a full-body massage that includes the back, shoulder/neck, back of arms, and legs. Ends with a choice of either foot or scalp massage.

Price: 3490 NOK