The bartender pours several types of beer for the beer tasting in the brewery cellar at Panorama hotel

Beer tasting


During a beer tasting, you will be served all the house beer varieties and perhaps a couple of extra types, all paired with selected cheeses. For each beer you taste, you will also hear amusing and interesting stories about the beer as well as the brewing process and production.

Beer Tasting with Cheese
kr 795,- per person.
Minimum price kr 3,990.-
Tasting of 4-6 varieties of beer + one type of cheese for each beer. Duration: 1 hour.

Beer Tasting with Cheese and Cured Meat
kr 945,- per person.
Minimum price of Kr 5,670.-
Tasting of 4-6 varieties of beer, one type of cheese for each beer + cured meat.
Duration: 1 hour

The lounge in the Brewery Cellar is designed to provide an extra enjoyable experience. Alongside the 'brewmaster,' handcrafted beer, and selected cheeses, you can look forward to a genuine tasting sensation!

True Craftsmanship
With a focus on detail and craftsmanship, we uphold our values of being local and authentic. The beer is handcrafted, ensuring that each brew has its distinctive flavor.

Our basic beer varieties are Belgian Blond, IPA, Czech Pilsner, and Porter. We are also working on a Christmas beer and new exciting flavors. You can enjoy our beer in our restaurant and bar.

Anette Skutle
Anette Skutle
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Lydia Daae Nilsen
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