A guy kayaking near the shore on a warm summer day

Recommended kayaking trips

Panorama Hotel & Resort is a recommended starting point for kayaking trips.

The fjords, archipelago, and the beautiful surroundings provide the perfect setting for excellent kayaking conditions. Especially the narrow straits and coves here in the south are fantastic areas for enjoyable kayaking experiences.

Tofterøy Round Trip
14 km, 3 hours

The trip can be paddled in both directions. The description is heading south. Cross over to Toftøy at its narrowest point, keeping an eye out for other traffic. Follow the coastline to the south. The critical point of the trip is rounding the headland before entering the sheltered areas of Hummelsundet. Follow the northern coastline of Toftøy. Feel free to stop at Glesvær Café for lunch, dinner, or a pastry. The journey continues north into the strait facing east before paddling southward back to the hotel. Remember to explore the areas along the way.

Panorama - Ramsholme
12 km, 2.5 hours

Nature protects this trip from weather and challenging paddling conditions, but if there is a southerly wind, it may be felt in this area. Paddle north from the pier, crossing towards Toftøy is best at the far north of the strait. There are many beautiful bays and islands for a rest and perhaps some swimming in the right season. The return is the same as the journey, but you can choose to follow the opposite side back to the hotel.

Panorama - Forlandsvågen
5 km, 1 hour

A beautiful trip between islands and straits. In good weather, you can explore the outer straits near Bondishola, a scenic gem.

The trip starts in a southerly direction out of Austefjorden. In the southern end, the fjord opens towards the sea, and you can be particularly exposed to weather, wind, and waves. If in doubt, turn back here. If the weather allows rounding, taking a trip into the narrow channels with Bondishola is recommended. Great places for a rest and lovely bathing opportunities in the right season. The return follows the same route, taking you back to the pier at the hotel.

Check out hiking options in the coastal passport.