A group having a NERF battle as a team building in our arena near the hotel

Nerf Battle


Take your group on an engaging activity that brings out the competitive spirit! Choose from various types of games. Loads of fun and suitable for most!

Price:695 NOK per person | Minimum price:8000 NOK

Exclusive for hotel guests.

Recommended for groups of at least 10 people. Allow approximately 1.5 hours. The activity takes place in the Panorama Arena, about 200 m from the hotel.

NERF is an engaging activity that really gets the adrenaline pumping and brings out the competitive spirit in all participants! The competition takes place inside our new multipurpose hall located right next to the hotel.

The activity begins with a short walk to our brand-new multipurpose hall adjacent to the hotel. The hall covers an area of 1500 square meters, and upon arrival, we have set up obstacles in advance for use in the competition.

You will be provided with NERF weapons, foam darts, safety goggles, and vests by our activity coordinator. We'll divide the group into teams, and the battle can commence once the competition rules are understood, and the whistle blows.


  • Sudden Death
    Number of players: 10-40
  • Battle Royale
    Number of players: 10-40
  • Collect Gold Bars
    2-4 teams.

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Lydia Daae Nilsen
Lydia Daae Nilsen
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Anette Skutle
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