Marsteinen lighthouse on a beautiful sunny day

Guided tour to Marstein Lighthouse

Exciting Lighthouse History by the Open Sea

  • Departure by RIB from Panorama Pier to Marstein Lighthouse.
  • Explore fascinating local history and guided tour on the islet.
  • Return by RIB from Marstein Lighthouse to Panorama Pier.

Price: NOK 995,- per person | Minimum price: NOK 9,900,-

Approximate duration: 2-3 hours. The activity can be conducted within safe weather and wave conditions during the season, from April to September.

You won't find a more unique place easily. As awe-inspiring as it is magnificent. Many may recognize its location on the islet, at the outermost point of Korsfjorden in Austevoll municipality, facing the open sea. Now, you have the opportunity to come ashore and hear the exciting history.


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Lydia Daae Nilsen
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Anette Skutle
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