A group of people sitting around a table, co-working on a task


Mobile Escape Room

Deadline is an activity that engages, fosters teamwork, and brings out the creativity and team spirit in participants. With a wide range of tasks, everyone must contribute to solving challenges, including logical, theoretical, and practical tasks.

  • 75 minutes from start to finish
  • 4-1000 participants
  • 4-8 participants per team
  • NOK 450 per person (excluding VAT)
  • Minimum price NOK 7500 (excluding VAT)

What is the activity about?

To recreate the escape room experience without locking you in a room, we have created practical tasks, physical clues, and digital traces.

The background story is that a trusted employee in the IT department is dismissed when it is revealed that he has used confidential information for personal gain. As he left the company, he managed to encrypt all the data.

Now, he demands a large sum of money to decrypt the data and make it readable again. The only thing he left behind is a suitcase. It is locked, and we assume it contains the encryption key. However, there is only one hour left before the deadline expires, and all the data disappears.

Now, everything depends on your ability to crack the codes and find the key.

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